Appen Butler Hill Crowdsourcing Review

A crowdsourcing job through Appen Butler Hill (ABH) is a simple, easy way to make some decent money online without having any experience or investing any money. The crowdsourcing tasks, or HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks), mainly consist of evaluating online search queries so that users will end up with high quality results. Each HIT is assigned a payment amount, which typically ranges from 1 cent to 15 cents for each completed task. That doesn’t sound like much, but some of these tasks can be completed in as few as 4 seconds, or 15 per minute. If you were paid 2 cents for each HIT, you would earn 30 cents a minute or $18 per hour. Not all tasks earn this much, but there are some that do.


Training for each task consists of reading a guideline that shows you how to rate it. The guidelines typically range from 1-5 pages and are usually pretty straight forward, although some can be hard to follow. Some HITs, called spam, are graded on a correct/incorrect basis. If you get the judgment wrong, you don’t get paid for that hit. If you get more than a certain percentage (which varies by task), then you will get banned from that particular task and will have to move on to a different one.

The best thing about the crowdsourcing job is that you can work whenever you want. The site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You could log on and work for 5 minutes or 5 hours. It is completely up to you. However, it does depend on tasks being available, which there usually are although it can be hard to always find the higher paying tasks. There are usually 10 or more tasks available and each task could have 50 to 1000 HITs available. I’ve seen some tasks that have had over 100,000 HITs available.


How much you earn is basically up to you. The faster you go, provided you are able to give the correct spam answers, the more you can earn per hour. It pays to focus on the higher paying HITs, but sometimes 2 and 3 cent tasks can pay quite well if you can do them in 4 or 5 seconds. If you do fifteen 3 cent HITs in a minutes, that is 45 cents, which is $27 an hour. I would avoid the 1 cent tasks unless there is nothing else available and you really need the money. At one HIT every 4 seconds, which is a very fast pace to keep up, you would only make $9 an hour. Slow it down to one every 8 seconds and the rate drops to $4.50 an hour. That’s not something I would want to spend my time on.

You have to realize that even if the task is easy to do and only takes a few seconds, it also takes the computer some time to load the next task and from time to time it could freeze up for a minute or more, which can really affect your hourly rate for low paying tasks (for payment info, read my post Appen Payment Information). Be aware that some tasks involve adult content (which is clearly stated if it does), so you may want to avoid those if it offends you.


So if you think you would like to try to be a crowdsourcer for Appen Butler Hill, here are some tips to help you maximize your earnings.

1. Read the guidelines. Make sure you read the guidelines thoroughly and understand what is being rated. Keep the guideline open as you judge so the you can quickly review them and make sure you have the right judgment. Remember, you don’t get paid for wrong answers that are being graded.

2. Look for lots of available HITs. Focus on tasks that have thousands of HITs available. By doing lots of the same Hits, you will maximize your time spent from reading the guidelines and you will learn the correct answers for the spam questions. This will allow you to judge these tasks even faster as you do more and more.

3. Keep records. If you get a spam HIT wrong, you should write down the correct answer for future use. A lot of these spam HITs recur again and again, so you will be able to go faster and get paid for the correct answer if you have it written down somewhere and can refer to it when it pops up again.

If you can follow those tips and focus on higher paying tasks, you could earn $15-25 an hour. It takes a lot of focus and concentration, but its a nice paying online job that will allow you to work from home.

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